Food for Thought.


Author: Chayya Syal.

I love to indulge my inner child; which ranges from eating more sweets than I should (cue insane sugar rush) to uncontrollable giggling fits.  Whilst many view this as  silly or a waste of time, I believe that it’s an important part of reconnecting with yourself. After all, it is an opportunity to kick back, relax and really feel comfortable with who you are – how often do moments like that come around?  During my inner child indulgence sessions I often watch cartoons and animated films – who doesn’t love a bit of Disney!?

Disney films tend to hold fond memories for a lot of people despite various subliminal messages, notions of patriarchy, gender bias etc. People grew up watching such films and as a result, they have formed a large part of their childhood memories.  To be honest, at my age I still can’t see or understand…

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