“I can make you rich and fabulous!”


Lately I’ve been attending many talks about “chasing success” and “how to be successful” in both business and life! But having just typed that out has made me laugh. Why? I just have this insane mental image of people in business suits running down the street with butterfly nets over their shoulders as they attempt to capture various ideas of “success.” So why do I attend these talks? For fun, for bant?  Mainly it’s out of curiosity and we all know what curiosity did to the poor cat – I clearly like to live dangerously! On a serious note,  I’m intrigued by what people’s definitions of “success” and “wealth” are. To me it means something completely different to what Lord Sugar might think. In conclusion, I suppose  I just like turning up at events and listening to what other human beings have to say about this experience we call ‘life.’

Most of these talks are delivered by esteemed people who are top dog in their respective fields, so I was on my best behaviour and tried to try drown out my south London accent. Easier said than done, as that infamous saying goes: “You can take the girl out of south London…” and all that drivel. At every talk I’ve attended, there is an abundance of buzzwords such as: “No pain no gain” “It’s all in the mind” and the funniest to date: “Stroke your inner child’s child for incredible results” and many more. So much so that I’m not even sure that such jargon makes sense anymore. The power of NLP is astounding and I’m no longer amazed at the number of intelligent people who fall for it. It’s an interesting paradox – individuals claiming to help you when most people walk away from their talks confused but pumped for the next 48 hours. After 48 hours, let’s be honest, we don’t generally don’t remember jack shit.  It’s important to have your critical thinking cap on and really pay attention to what they’re saying.  After all, jargon and glittery catchphrases are terribly tedious and cliched. However, I can see the allure and why people are so attracted to this. It sounds incredibly enticing – who doesn’t want to be successful in all areas of their life!?

Unfortunately much of it, is just empty words and cannot necessarily be applied to you, your own ambitions and targets. Why? Because we’re all on different journeys – not one of us can follow a prescribed method or ideology to help us get to where we need to be. Although some constructive guidance and the option of pick n mix can be helpful!  This is what is missing from most talks I’ve attended; constructive guidance that is realistic and takes its audience’s aims, age and goals into consideration. This is something I consistently try and put into my own workshops that I deliver at schools and colleges in London.

It takes guts to stand up in front of a group of people and generally talk – I applaud anyone who does it. Trust me, every time I go to a school or college, I have that unnecessary urge to go for a wee that’s not even in my bladder. It isn’t easy and here’s a fact for you: most speakers can’t do public speaking to save their life, irrespective  of audience size.  So if you’re going to introduce yourself to your audience as a “whiz kid entrepreneur offering bespoke business and life courses” you better get it right buddy.

But listen to the diction: “I can make you rich and fabulous” – sounds harmless on the surface right? But it’s all a bit pie in the sky and wishy washy. What will you do that will make me richer and more fabulous than I already am? By following their method and their advice. The main issue with this statement is that it implies that your success (whatever that may be) is now in the hands of another person. It’s not in your control and the irony of this is that you are in charge of making your ambitions become a reality, not someone else.

“I can help you to become rich and fabulous” – doesn’t that sound far more constructive and realistic? There is a deep hunger for success, a decent life and being the best at whatever it is you choose to do in this generation. So much so that we forget that the best person for providing motivation and inspiration is ourselves. We are our own superhero yet the weird thing is that we don’t trust ourselves enough to power forward. At the end of the day and when all the champagne parties, glitter, glitz and glam fades to ashes we are the ones still standing.


2 thoughts on ““I can make you rich and fabulous!”

  1. Did they play Tina Turners “ur simply the best” in the background? They did when I attended these kind of talks in the past. No harm in trying, but ur right, its all down to you and your motivation to make it happen. Luck takes care of the rest.


  2. This unique posting, “I can make you rich and fabulous!
    | AvidScribbler1” indicates the fact that you actually comprehend what you’re writing about! I really definitely am in agreement. Many thanks -Cruz


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