The shrill cries and high pitched chatter as they hurried to school.

Eager for what they’d learn today,

Eager to see their friends, smile, learn, run and play.


Loud chatter and last minute pranks that enraged the neighbours,

Were met with mischievous eyes, gleaming smiles and happy faces,

Full of stories and dreams that would take them to different places


We saw them off with a smile on our faces and a glow in our hearts,

Our little hopes. Our heeras (jewels). Even our trouble makers were jewels

But little did we know

that they all lay dead in deep red pools.


High pitched screams pierced the skies.

Echoes of wailing mothers’ cries

And fathers’ disbelief as they saw a sea of

Green ties and young, dull, dazed eyes.


Word had spread: bullets were sprayed.

Guns wielded by men driven mad with blood lust.

It’s easier to kill green ties than those in khaki clothes.

They marched their way in, open fired and left leaving limp little bodies lying in the dust.


Their bloodshot, cold calculating eyes searching for their next victim,

Emptying souls of life and filling them with cold metal shards

Our scratched and bloodied heeras: Fanaa.


Come back. Play your pranks and be noisy.

Smile. Laugh as loud as you want.

Play together in the streets again. Fill them with your beautiful, musical chatter.

Please come back. The silence is deafening,

And the only thing we now hear is the sound of our broken hearts.



3 thoughts on “Fanaa

    • Absolutely! It will be interesting to see how the rest of world reacts and what they do in the aftermath of this evil act.
      Thanks for reading and commenting – I’ll have a look at the link you’ve posted


  1. This is the face of evil. Until and unless the government of Pakistan take a stern step against these “cowards” who are destroying the country in the name of religion, nothing would be solved or resolved. Tomorrow something else would crop up and the sacrifice of these innocent souls would be lost and forgotten. How are the parents of these kids going to come to terms with their loss? God help them!


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