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Red Everywhere is a vibrant Creative Education Consultancy that combines originality and sector experience to deliver positive outcomes which enables young people and communities to grow, learn, collaborate and achieve outstanding results to transform their lives and the places where they live.

Avid Scribbler spoke to its founder, Marcus Isman Egal (MIE) about entrepreneurship, young people in a tough jobs market and words of wisdom for budding social entrepreneurs. Visit their Facebook page and Twitter handle for more.

Did you plan on becoming a social entrepreneur?

I’ve always wanted to set up my own consultancy designing and delivering projects that I believed were better positioned to meet the needs of young people. For the majority of my career I have been working in the Education sector within local and central government heading up services for young people and training the young people’s workforce. Over the last few years the landscape has changed within local authorities and services for young people have been cut year on year. In the spring of 2013 I had the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy and finally set up my own consultancy but collaborating with some amazing people.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Securing the first contract and its more than just money it’s about the validation of our concept and that someone out there believes in your offer and is as enthusiastic about your vision as you are.

What inspired you to start Red Everywhere?

My inspiration came out of frustration and recognising that creativity in some quarters within my sector was not being supported or encouraged. Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation on ‘Does Education kill Creativity’ along with Sully Breaks Spoken Word piece on ‘Why I love Education but Hate School’ also motivated me up to take action culminating in development of Red Everywhere. Our strap line: Redefining Education Everywhere captures our mission.

What can young people do in order to stand out and survive in a tough job market?

The market is tough and with the rapid technological developments the world is bring people close together. Young People need to understand their value pursue learning and be able to demonstrate confidence and self – belief. It’s vital that young people develop their resilience and mental toughness and understand that their future is ultimately in their hands.

What have been some of your biggest challenges to overcome?

MIE: The biggest challenge has been managing the multiple demands from business planning to designing/developing a website and navigating the many sharks out there who promise the world but attempt to take all you have and finally taking time out to rest and re-energise. To do great work you need to take some time for you.

Today it is notoriously difficult jobs-wise and many of us lose heart in what we do. What keeps you going?

MIE: For me it’s simply understanding The Reason Why and keeping focused on the big picture. John Legend’s version of True Colors really resonates with RedEverywhere’s vision.

What has been the best bit of advice ever given to you?

MIE: Entrepreneurship is a journey that will change you and challenge you like no other. Learn how to make the most of a win, bounce back from a loss, and relish the start-up adventure, tap into great business minds and work with creatives who inspire and move you forward.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take?

MIE: I would be lost without my iPhone, laptop and my family so there you go! I guess I wouldn’t be stranded for too long and with my family it would be a fantastic holiday.

What advice would you to give to those who are thinking of starting up their own business?

MIE: Confidence is essential in business having a clear sense of who you are and your vision will provide a solid foundation to build from. And not forgetting that all important mental toughness the ability to move forward in the face of challenge and significant obstacles without losing enthusiasm. My final bit of advice is to seek out mentors those that can help and inspire you to do more and collaborate with creatives that see synergy with your vision and add value to your dream.


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