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(c) Sidra Jafri

Sidra Jafri is an intuitive healer, medium and Awakening Facilitator. Her gifts go beyond the five senses with which she facilitates people to shift issues that create an undercurrent in their lives. Sidra transforms people’s outdated core programming and the beliefs in their lives that have been trapping them in areas such as wealth, relationships and wellbeing.

For further details, visit her website and join her Facebook page or send her an email:

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Sidra (SJ): I am a mother, a friend and a researcher of life. I love playing these roles as they allow me to continually better myself, learn about human behaviour and foremostly it allows me to connect.

What inspired you to do this?

SJ: My own journey, the trials and tribulations that I grew threw inspired me to share the tools that saved, shaped and transformed me into the person I am today. The Awakening tools changed my life and it was when I was looking back at my journey that I felt inspired to share the tools and my message with the world.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?  

SJ: I personally don’t see any achievement as big or small. Every achievement matters, every experience matters which has led us to be where we are right now. Everyday is a success, as long as I have made a difference to someones day then I count that day as a success.

What is your biggest motivation which helps you to do the work you’re currently doing?

SJ: Witnessing people’s lives change is one of my biggest motivation that keeps me going on a daily basis. By the grace of God I get to meet and work with people from all walks of life, no story is new or singular and I am privileged to hold peoples hands and facilities change and healing in their energy. It is a blessing to do what I do. I feel truly blessed and honoured to be trusted with peoples lives, emotions, dreams and aspirations. Co-creating a better life with thousands of people is my motivation.

If you had a message to say to a large group of people, what would it be?

Awakening is in the air, everything you ever wanted is here all you have to do is leap in faith. The Universe wants you to succeed; stop delaying your destiny.

What have been some of your biggest challenges to overcome and how did you get through the tougher times?

SJ: I share my story in my book which is coming out in May. There you will read about my life experiences and how I overcame challenges, but what I can tell you here is that prayers and faith got me through every single time! I believe that there is a divine order in this chaos and at the right time things will unfold for me… and for all of us.

Do you have a wider and bigger goal that you would like to achieve? If so, what is it?  

SJ: My mission is to make Awakening tools accessible across the globe so that everyone is empowered to create a life that they desire.

What has been the best bit of advice ever given to you?

SJ: “Leave everything, never leave learning.” and I invite everyone to take this onboard… we grow through education and learning… one must never stop cultivating oneself. Growth is inevitable, it is up to you in which direction you grow in.

Do you think that many people feel disconnected, imbalanced and at unease with ideas of spirituality because they confuse being spiritual with being religious?

SJ: Maybe, or maybe because we reject what we don’t understand and most people don’t really understand spirituality. Some people may feel that by following spirituality they are rejecting religion, so they avoid spirituality all together. For me, Spirituality and religion go hand in hand. Spirit is the ultimate creative God source that moves within all beings. Religion is a vehicle to access that source.

I attended my first ever Awakening in January and attended some of your webinars. When added together, it has been one of the most profound experiences I’ve had in my life so far. What would you say to critics who may not necessarily believe in the principles you shared at The Awakening?

SJ: I would say that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Awakening is not a course, it is an experience. It is the difference between knowing water and being wet. Come and jump into the water of Awakening to experience the healing qualities of it.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take?  

SJ: I wouldn’t take things – I would take people. For me life is about experiences, If I am going to be stranded on a desert island, I want to be with friends and make the most of that experience.


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