(c) Avid Scribbler, All rights reserved

(c) Avid Scribbler Logo: All Rights Reserved

Media appearances, collaborations, interviews and articles in which I have been featured in or written for a publication.

Dec 2014: Exclusive feature in the Huffington Post Students UK about unpaid internships

Dec 2014: Exclusive film review for Asian Culture Vulture; My Beautiful White Skin

Latest collaboration with literary e-zine, The Xzbt: http://thexzbt.wordpress.com/support/

My most popular post to date, featured in the Desi Xpress: What’s in a Name?

Nov 2014: Article for Asian Culture Vulture Magazine: interactive art installation; VEIL

Nov 2014: Guest speaker BBC Asian Network, The Nihal Show: “Men wolf whistling at women in public” go to 02:41:41 for more click to listen.

Oct 2014: The day I went to CNN & worked as a producer

Oct 2014: Makers for More Summit 2014 – Virgin Unite

Oct 2014: Bridging the Gap: my grandma and a quintessential British Punjabi love affair with food

Sept 2014: Guest speaker BBC Asian Network, The Nihal Show: “Marriage Detectives”

Sept 2014: Eastern Eye Newspaper: Interview with Sunetra Sarker

Avid Scribbler in the Huffington Post

At the London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) launch for Hank & Asha with ACV

What it’s REALLY like being a blogger: interview with Neon Notebook

Download my e-book “Colour Me In” available worldwide

FREE Pages from Colour Me In to read

Violence Against Women: The Asian Today (pp.22-23)

The Voice of British Asian Female Bloggers

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